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Let’s face it: the current Board of Supervisors have clearly failed in their response to The COVID-19 crisis. 


Their decision to baselessly criticize and politicize the recommendations of local public health experts and encourage residents to ignore warnings about failing to wear masks while in public was incredibly reckless and irresponsible. And we’re seeing the results.

"Orange County reports another daily coronavirus case high"

"4 counties are behind alarming spike in California COVID-19 hospitalizations"

"Orange County rescinds coronavirus mask mandate amid pushback, resignation"

In order for people to get back to work and get our economy moving, workers must be safe in the workplace and people need to feel safe going out. By ignoring public health and playing politics with people’s lives, the Board of Supervisors risked a second wave of infections that has undermined all of the efforts we made to restart our economy and get people back to work.  


Our local leaders should be encouraging people to do their part to save lives, instead of threatening the health of our community by politicizing and demonizing Orange County public health experts.


On the Board, I’ll be a common-sense leader fighting for the health, safety and prosperity of Orange County residents as we navigate through this unprecedented public health crisis. I’ll support and assist our public health experts and frontline workers during this crisis, not play political games and gamble with the lives of the community.

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