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Orange County is one of the greatest places in the world to live. I was raised here, and my love for this community is deep, which is why I have dedicated my life and career to serving it – from serving on the school board, to the City Council, to working at the United Way.

We are all blessed to call Orange County home.  But, at the same time, our community – and especially the first district – faces many challenges. Crime rates are rising, affordable housing is becoming more and more scarce, homelessness is rampant, and far too many residents are being denied access to basic health services.  I have watched with growing concern as the board of supervisors has squandered our tax dollars on shameless self-promotion instead of working to address the issues we are facing as a community.  I see a board of supervisors that is more interested in supporting a radical agenda than working to improve the lives of residents of the first district.

It’s time for change. I’m running for Supervisor to put the focus back on our community. It is time to reject petty partisan politics and instead pursue an agenda that will lift up all Orange County families. On the Board, I will use my experience serving a diverse community to work with Republicans, Democrats, independents, and everyone in between to beef up public safety, slow the skyrocketing cost of housing, increase access to healthcare, and create more middle-class jobs.  Together, we can ensure that Orange County remains the best place in the world to live, work, and raise a family.



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Thanks for submitting!

P. O. Box 10893. Westminster, CA 92683

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