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In these uncertain times, we need aggressive action at the county level to help residents and small business owners recover. I will lead on this issue and ensure that small businesses have the tools they need not just to re-open, but to thrive.

Additionally, it is critical that worker protection is prioritized. This crisis has exposed the sad reality that not enough has been done at the county level to protect our frontline workers who risk their lives every day for us. We need to ensure that all our workers, from nurses to grocery clerks, are treated with dignity and respect because they are essential to our way of life.

To jump-start our economy, I will fight to provide critical resources to small businesses. I’ve done it before. On the Westminster City Council, I worked to reposition $1.1 million for a small business recovery loan program, and I will bring this same innovative, solutions-oriented approach to the Board of Supervisors.

Orange County families are struggling, and it is imperative that the County Board of Supervisors delivers better support to working people, small businesses, and our struggling communities. 

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